About Infinity Geek

ECCC PhotoMy name is Chris Dorsey and I am the writer behind infinity geek. I graduated from a slightly lesser known university in the Pacific Northwest called Eastern Washington University. I received my BA in creative writing, because, as I’m sure you’ll figure out, I love to write and share ideas. Growing up on sci-fi and fantasy does that sort of thing to you, so I hope you forgive me as I share my ideas with you.

I use the word infinity because at no time will I stop being a geek. I will continue to be a geek from now until beyond. I do my best to expand my range of geek from novels, comics, video games, tabletop games, writing, and even martial arts and eastern philosophy. If there’s something that sparks interest in my brain, you’ll see me talking about it.

My most recent project is the writing and lettering of a comic called U.S.E. Recon. This will be my first foray into writing a comic and learning to letter, so there’s a challenge ahead, but one that I willing to commit to! If you want to check out what’s going on, just hit the think off to the left!

Infinite Possibilities

I never want to limit myself when it concerns sharing ideas. Sometimes it comes across perfectly as a piece of writing, which is my usual. Other times, I think something would be better with some artwork, and in those times I may be collaborating with others. My goal is to share ideas with everyone that I can. That’s something I love to do. So here you will find stories, thoughts, cool do-dads, and thing-a-majigs in all different forms.


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