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I’m a wee bit blunt and rambly here.

I’ve paid attention to how we as human beings treat the idea of energy creation and consumption. Electricity and power are fascinating to me. As I read about how we have figured out ways to utilize our planet to create the power which we continue to grow more and more hungry for, I grow equally disturbed by the lack of thought and innovations. It’s beyond disturbing to see that the current President is pushing to reverse thought on climate change as if this something we can ignore. What disturbed me more, is how much business drives a large measure of why we don’t have the alternatives to clean energy.

We have one planet. One. May have been a good idea at the time to mine the ground and burn materials to power the furnace to get electricity. I need to remind everyone what materials we tend to strip out of the ground. The idea that we should wait until there are none of the resources left to use is moronic and irresponsible in the face of renewable options. The sun will not be going away anytime soon. We do not as some unfortunates assumed, drain it of it’s power- it’s a fusion reactor. It’s 2017, and we see more and more efficient solar panels and plenty of places to put them. I’m looking at you; rooftops and highways and desert plains.

We know how to use nuclear power. Barring freak accidents like Chernoyble and Fukishima, it’s efficient. According to the NEI (Nuclear Energy Institute), nuclear power provides 62% of the United States clean energy with hydro-power at 19% and wind power at 18%. Despite this, we’re still using coal power plants.

Wind power is great too. I actually love wind farms because it looks cool. I’m looking at you people who say their view will be ruined. Go to your nearest wind farm. I bet you it’s nowhere near you live or would want to just plop a house down.

Off shore turbines are increasing in usage as well. It’s not like the ocean is going anywhere- in fact, we may be seeing more of it if we keep doing nothing about climate change.

We have the tech to do this and more to make a renewable energy planet. What we don’t have is the money behind the intent. Money is what drives too many things. I am aware the naivete of saying money should not be involved. This article from the New York Times is what prompted me to write this disorganized post. Currently at a whopping $22 Billion pricetag, this is the world’s most expensive endeavor into a non-carbon emission form of producing power.

My gripe is this: if we have the ability, and we do, to produce the same amount of power from only renewable sources, why aren’t we? Destroying the planet for power is stupid, especially when the reasoning is money. Unless money can turn into more forms of power, it is time to move away from having to destroy the only place we live. I’m also staring at you folks who think NASA wastes money. We have the means within our grasps which don’t cost $22 billion. We should be there by now.

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