Star Wars Celebration – Day 3 aka We Have That Power Too


With two days down, t-shirts purchased, pins ready to be set on lanyards, and what I think were two of the best panels I attended day 3 of Star Wars Celebration kept raising the excitement. I also made it on the page of the official Star Wars twitter along with … Continue reading

Star Wars Celebration – Day 2 aka Ready for the Trials


It has been a wild ride for day two of Star Wars Celebration. It was another day full of wonderful panels, great people, and at each step of the way only made the experience better and better. On the morning of the second day of Celebration, my awesome girlfriend found … Continue reading

Star Wars Celebration – Day 1 aka Forceful Awakening


It’s been a long day, but day one of Star Wars Celebration has come to an end! What an amazing day it has been. There were plenty of die hard fans who had been waiting in the convention center since 3 PM Thursday for the opening panel featuring Episode director … Continue reading

Star Wars Celebration – Day 0 aka Travel


Hey, everyone! Today is travel day for my week long excursion in Anaheim, California. It has been a long journey that started a long time ago, in the galaxy that is normally home to me in Spokane. My friends and I have come together to attend the four day convention … Continue reading

Iaido, Warhammer, and the state of Things

Hello, everyone! I hope you all remained safe and had a good time on St. Paddy’s Day. I was fortunate enough to have spent a good amount of it with my lovely girlfriend and a solid pint of Guinness. But it wasn’t all shamrocks and green beer for me. Today … Continue reading