Games of Punishment?

The title of this blog post isn’t referring to Game of Thrones or a cheesy knock off of Game of Death, though I think I could pull of the yellow tracksuit look well. I’m talking about the state of punishment  it seems like myself and many (let’s try millions) other people have been experiencing while trying to play some of the newest and biggest time wasters, or video games as they are lovingly referred to.

After having shelled out $60 for a copy of any game, you would hope things work and you hope you enjoy it. That’s where the relationship gets complicated and consumers, myself included start to wonder what they’re paying for.

Bungie’s long awaited Destiny is a fine example of complication and disappointment for some, and understandably so. Now I don’t like to tread down the road dragging Bungie over the coals for its decisions, but it is evident that story elements underwhelmed, and as I have learned, had to be discovered via the lore system that is Grimoire. I’m all for reading on backstory and getting interesting tidbits here and there, but when story elements are neither here nor there, we may have a problem.

Couple the lack of consistent story telling with the somewhat harsh reward system and a multiplayer arena that has had to be improved over time, and you may be in for a rough time. Don’t take these words as a sign that the game hasn’t improved- it has. Just slowly.

Updates that have improved upon previous multiplayer events, such as the Iron Banner, as well as the balancing of strike mission difficulties have made the game more desirable, though, some players may still have a sour taste in their mouth since the launch.

Speaking of launches, this would be a great time to talk about Halo: The Master Chief Collection. This was a game I had been waiting for a long time despite the fact that I own every copy of Halo already. Being able to pop in one disc, have access to every map, and seeing Halo 2 with updated graphics was enough of a sell. Add in the featurettes titled Halo Nightfall and you’d think you’re sitting on a pretty nice package, and you are. Up until now, you probably just didn’t want to touch the multiplayer elements.

Let me clarify by saying this: you definitely want to touch the multiplayer. It’s just a matter of actually getting to. 343 Industries has been plagued by errors and terrible search times which have lead to inconsistancies and a poor matchmaking experience. This isn’t to say that 343 hasn’t been addressing the issue. Two consumer side updates later, and matchmaking is certainly more stable than it has been in the last few weeks. Again, for some it’s not enough, and certainly too late.

Scanning through forums for both Bungie and 343, it’s more than clear that players are not happy with how the games have been turning out. Specifically in the 343 forums, individuals speculate whether The Master Chief Collection should go through a relaunch.

I will admit that the experience is frustrating, but I don’t know if the issue needs to be resolved in that manner. Any possible enjoyment will really come down to how patient you’re willing to be, which for many of us is not very. Will it get fixed? We can hope so. Will it prevent further launches from being this way? We can hope so for that too.

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