Great Kid, Don’t Get Cocky!

Last night was a bit harrowing on the nerves as I finally put my soldering skills to the test by doing my final wiring for my switches and LED. By now, I’m used to attaching a wire to a switch or port and it feels very run of the mill. It’s definitely run of the mill now that I’ve solved my original switch problem (Thank you, Tyler!). When I setup my LED in my helping hands, that was a whole new story.

Wired LED

I had to solder a total of six wires- two for each diode on the LED star. Three of those wires are together now in a single strand to they are all receiving power at the same time. The only other piece needed for the LED is a resistor for the red diode. Why the resistor? Well, the red diode can’t handle 3.7 volts that my battery would be pushing out, and I’d hate for all that work to come undone.

Wired and Mounted LED

Needless to say, I’m a happy if not exhausted camper. This build won’t be done in time for Halloween, but it definitely will be for the premier of The Force Awakens. By the time I post next on the saber, the build will be complete and at last we will have our revenge against the- sorry about that. Got a little carried away.

Until next time- May the force be with you!

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