Infinity Sabers

Infinity SabersAlong with keeping up on the fun trends that are video games, comics, and movies, I have in recent months been learning the tricks of the trade for a new hobby of mine: Lightsaber building or Sabersmithing as some call it.

At present, my collection of sabers is small, but ideas for future projects are always growing. In my builds I utilize a mixture of MHS (Modular Hilt System) and modified MHS parts. The lightsabers I craft will be for the intention of being functional cosmetic pieces.

Saber PairFor cosmetics, every saber hilt should have unique qualities, whether that be etching, leather wraps, custom shrouds, or accent lighting and crystal chambers. I want the lightsaber to feel the way you would build it if you were a jedi or sith.

In regards to function, a saber should do more than simply ignite and retract. There should be the iconic hum and sounds as the saber cuts arcs through the air. For those looking for a little more flavor, color mixing and multiple color channels are an option that expand on what you can do for a custom lightsaber.

The lightsaber is a symbol of a another time and galaxy that many wish to embrace. I strive to bring that those who want part of the galaxy far, far, away. The possibilities are infinite.

Welcome to Infinity Sabers.

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  1. I’ll go and stand over here in the ‘Slightly Jealous’ category.

    I’ve also for a long time thought about trying to make something like this with something ‘useful’ inside, like it would hold something that would release when I hit the button. I do not have the means to do this, but I can always think about doing it. 😉

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