Yojimbo Close UpThis is the first lightsaber I have ever built. There is a part of me that loves simple designs and extending the design philosophy to the lightsaber is no exception.

Standing at just under 12 inches, the saber is constructed with slightly modified MHS (modular hilt system) parts. The main body has been lathed down to allow for the leather grip. The grip combined with the choke allow for a one or two handed grip that is comfortable even after long carrying sessions.

The main switch illuminates with a white ring when power is flowing to the board, notifying the lightsaber is in standby mode. Directly opposite the switch, is a second switch used to trigger, blaster, lock up, and force sounds. When the main and auxiliary switch are both pushed, this allows the user to trigger one of the great features of the soundboard-  a color change to the blade.

The soundboard that drives the saber is a Plecter Lab’s Prizm card. This enables the wielder to not only ignite the saber, but to swap between multiple color profiles and sound fonts on the fly.

Features include:

  • 3.7 V Rechargeable battery
  • Prizm soundboard
  • Illuminated activation switch
  • R.I.C.E. cable for editing saber configuration
  • Rebel Alliance blade plug
  • Leather grip

Please leave a comment or send an email if you have any questions.

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