Infinity Speak: ECCC 2016


Hello, everyone! It’s been another year, which means it has also been another Emerald City Comicon! Extending to a whopping 4 day event1, the showfloor was alive and hopping! Guests in attendance included but were not limited to, David Anders (Alias, iZombie), Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings), Danielle Panabaker (The Flash, Justified), Robbie Amell (The Flash, The Tomorrow People), and everyone’s favorite captain, Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Castle, Dr Horrible Singalong Blog) This year, I decided to cosplay and roam the show floor more than attend panels. Dressing as a jedi equipped with lightsabers (they were peace bonded2) helps to break the ice with a lot of folks and leads to some awesome pictures. While the few panels I went to make a fantastic part of ECCC, this year I found I get the most enjoyment out of speaking with the artists, writers, and guests who bring their hard work to the Con. I was able to revisit a few artists from years prior as well as get aquanted with a bunch of awesome artists. Without further ado, let’s go!


Hannako Lambert

Do you like cute stickers? How about Stardew Valley? Crystal Gems? If you answered yes to any of those, you could be a new friend of Seattle native, Hannako Lambert! Hannako is the creator of the webcomic Glass Heart, and totally nailed two amazing Stardew Valley commissions for my girlfriend3 during the Con.


The Farmer and Sebastian

We knew something was right when someone has the let me tell you a thing pose when asked about Stardew Valley. Check out more of Hannako’s amazing work at her site:

Carmen Torres

Amazing visions of my favorite Crystal Gem and the various incarnations of the Avatar. They drew me right in to Carmen’s booth at Emerald City. Showing up with a purple lightsaber also helps to make a good impression on a kick ass artist4. Don’t try it at home, kids.



The times I saw Carmen, she was working away on some commissions which looked just as stunning as the various prints she had available. If you know what’s good for you, check out the art of Carmen Torres and let your eyes feast. You’ll be glad you did!

Kris Kehasukjaren

I know what you’re thinking. “Chris, of course you would find an artist named Kris.” Well, one, you’re not a member of the just created Ch(K)ris Coalition5. Two, Kris has some super cool artwork that covers even the smallest bits of different universes. Example 1: Print of One Punch Man6. Now, if you think you aren’t good at looking at all the details in a piece, Kris is sure to change your thinking. While Saitama sits at the center of the pieces, seeing all the support characters and even the multitude of villians that have been punched through placed in the space around it him, make the print of Saitama awesome.



Example 2: Print of Dragon Ball. Details, details, details. That’s the name of the game in Kris’s print of that is all inside the silhouette of Son Goku! There’s a ton to see. Kris includes elements from Dragon Ball, the Dragon Ball Z Sagas, as well as newer elements from Dragon Ball Super! If that wasn’t enough, Kris let us in on a secret. The seven dragon balls are scattered throughout the piece. A familiar piece of tech inside the print will help you to locate them all! Check out Kris Kerhasukjaren’s shop on etsy, or check out his instagram!


Grace Allison

This year I was very happy to hear I would again get to meet Grace Allison. In attendance with her fiance, Rich, they were both producing some amazing artwork throughout all four days of the con! The first time we met I had eyed Grace’s print of Paragon Love between Shepard and Garrus Vakarian. I requested an commission of Wedge Antilles which Grace completed in heroic style, and gave me the idea for a new commission this year in the forms of new hotshot Poe Dameron and stoic jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi!



Not wanting to pass up an opportunity like this, Zoe decided to also ask for a commission that I am now very jealous of. The not often seen, Princess Hilda of Link Between Worlds. It’s a beautifully colored piece that will have a center place in our Zelda collection7.


I am happy to say that Grace’s ability to wield a pencil and create this work leaves me in awe. Check out more of Grace’s work at her site and tumblr!

Isaac Hannaford

Another convention veteran, Isaac is the man you see if you get a fixing for spaceships, hence his site name All around his booth are beautifully realized spacecraft fit for any sci-fi universe8, and you better believe you’ll want a few hanging on your walls.While you may not recognize the ships from existing universes, you can see Isaac’s style in some existing craft from games like Destiny or the covers of a Halo comic and the cover of Halo: New Blood.


Always in good spirits and rocking some awesome tees, Isaac was kind of enough to do the first sketch in a blank journal I will be utilizing for that exact purpose at future cons. I was able to gleen some advice from Isaac and his wife about possibly having my own table one day at a future con and maybe, just maybe, moving over to Seattle9. I gotta say it more tempting every time I get to see them.

20160416_002030293_iOSIf you haven’t had the opportunity, check out Isaac’s work at or on his tumblr!

Parting Thoughts

Each year I get to go to Emerald City Comicon, I think the year can’t be better than the last, and each time I am happily wrong! I had a fantastic time meeting these artists and taking with many, many others10. I encourage you to make to ECCC at least once, and if you’ve never done a convention, talk with your local comic book shop(s) to see if one is present in your area! As always, thanks for stopping by!

Super Duper Footnotes!

1This is the first year Emerald City Comicon has been four days. That’s a heck of a lot of con. Feet be warned!

2Nothing says, “I won’t whack fellow attendees like print green ribbon on the hilt of a lightsaber!

3Nothing says, “I won’t whack fellow attendees” like print green ribbon on the hilt of a lightsaber!

4Seriously, there’s no way I could have bought them all, but one day… the fire nation attacked.

5Chris, Kris, Tophers, Tians, all tend to group together. We’re like ninjas, but just named some variation of Chris.


7Master Sword? Check. Games? Check. Ocarinas and Batons? Check. Grace’s Artwork? Damn skippy!

8If you couldn’t tell, he’s outta this world. Remember, space puns make friends.

9It may be a little bit, but the Con and all the people I meet make me wanna. I wouldn’t be moving for the coffee though.

10There will most likely be even more posts.

The links that I have included to these wonderful artists’ work are provided so you can see what they do. Under no circumstances should you consider their work my property or even yours. Their artwork may be under copyright restrictions and as such, please ask for expressed permission for any use of it.

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