Slowing Myself Down

It’s been a little while since I’ve visited this corner of my personal internet space. It’s a bit dusty. There are updates galore and I’m not sure what made me realize it, but I needed to come back. Maybe it was the realization I need to be creating something or at least putting words where they can be read. Eight years ago I could have told you plainly- I want to create video games. Working for Bungie was my dream job. Two attempts at writing positions there and it still is. Four years ago, I would have told you I still want to make games, but I really want to make their stories. To give the underlying themes, create lore which drives mechanics and decisions. I’m not much closer, though I have worked on a few of my own comic scripts- a separate dream all together.  I should apologize as I write. The thoughts have to be out in the open before I sort them and I’ve always been a fan of stream of consciousness writing.

Some of you, 107 of you to be exact, have seen me begin to carve out my own space in another corner of the internet called Twitch. If I want to be simple: It’s fun. A lot of fun. I’ve met new people and experienced something new with gaming. I’d like to continue doing this, but at the same time I feel I need to pace myself a bit. Twitch has blown up very fast for me. Everything else I enjoy like, spending time with those I love, building lightsabers, studying karate, and my writing, have taken a huge it regarding my time.

To that end I’m gonna slow it down a bit. I still love all of you on Twitch who support me. I still love lightsabers. I still love studying karate, and of course I still love spending time with those closest to me (duh). I’m going to try and balance my time with all these things as life tends to force us all to.

This little bit of writing helped me as I hoped it would. There will be more of it to come. I’m brainstorming how to share my stories with all of you because ultimately, it’s what I love to do. I hope you tag along with me. Your company is always welcome.

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