Star Wars Celebration – Day 3 aka We Have That Power Too


With two days down, t-shirts purchased, pins ready to be set on lanyards, and what I think were two of the best panels I attended day 3 of Star Wars Celebration kept raising the excitement. I also made it on the page of the official Star Wars twitter along with … Continue reading

Star Wars Celebration – Day 2 aka Ready for the Trials


It has been a wild ride for day two of Star Wars Celebration. It was another day full of wonderful panels, great people, and at each step of the way only made the experience better and better. On the morning of the second day of Celebration, my awesome girlfriend found … Continue reading

Star Wars Celebration – Day 1 aka Forceful Awakening


It’s been a long day, but day one of Star Wars Celebration has come to an end! What an amazing day it has been. There were plenty of die hard fans who had been waiting in the convention center since 3 PM Thursday for the opening panel featuring Episode director … Continue reading

Star Wars Celebration – Day 0 aka Travel


Hey, everyone! Today is travel day for my week long excursion in Anaheim, California. It has been a long journey that started a long time ago, in the galaxy that is normally home to me in Spokane. My friends and I have come together to attend the four day convention … Continue reading

Comics or A New Beginning

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated anything on USE Recon. The last update I did fill you in on, I announced that the comic is on hold. I’d like to revise that statement by saying I am restarting the project. Part of restarting the project includes shutting down … Continue reading

Sketch for U.S.E. Recon

The past couple of weekends have had me ready to pull what hair I have out of my head as coding for all of Infinity Geek seemed to go up in flames. The best part is that my laptop didn’t catch on fire and I was able to accomplish a few of the goals for the comic, the first of which was to actually move U.S.E Recon over here to Infinity Geek. As much as I loved the idea of having a totally separate site to run, Madeline and I saw the ease of already having a site that exists to post from.

Part of that move required us to say farewell to the short life of the free wordpress we were using before along with the scant amount of posts that were there. Now we get to host on this snazzy site which is being hosted by a friend willing to help us get a start (thanks Nyles!). With the site not malfunctioning due to my experimenting it’s time for a some artwork!

U.S.E SketchThis may look a tad familiar to those who saw it on our wordpress, but it deserves a brand new spot here at Infinity Geek. Madeline shot this sketch my way saying she wasn’t sure about it. Well, I’m the last person judge on drawing. There is a reason I’m writing the comic. Anyway, this is just a rough, but it has me excited to see what Madeline is going to cook up in regards to the other characters we’re hoping to see in the first arc of the comic.

If you haven’t seen it yet and are a little curious follow this link to get to the first page of U.S.E. Recon or just click the link on the sidebar! Until next time internet!