Comic Progress or Shooting for the Stars?

Good and bad news in terms of progress for the comic I will be writing, U.S.E. Recon. Figured out a problem with the look of the star fields I’ve been making. Of course, the change is miniscule in some aspects. Along the lines of arranging the layers of stars from black to slightly darker black. You can have that line. It wasn’t mine anyway.

Initially, my feelings were good with the set of stars below, but they didn’t feel good enough after I got some critiques. As cool as I think they look, the stars don’t look as natural as they can be. Oops.

Title 3.0

The only thing to do is move on, right? Bring on Title 4.0. It highlights my paying attention to how stars work. Sort of. Lots of auras in this one around those super bright stars. It’s my newest challenge after altering the images because I didn’t feel the black of space was black enough. The down side to creating the darker background was that the auras popped more, creating coloration in the vicinity of the stars.

Title 4.0

This one felt a lot better than Title 3.0, with the spiral galaxies looking solid, especially with the super bright center of the top left system. Thank god there are still people to critique me though, because 4.0 didn’t remain this way forever. Sort of fitting for stars. Bring on 4.1!

Title 4.14.1 is a nice reminder that things can be easily changed, like whole star systems. Don’t you wish you had this kind of power? I know I do. So, the bottom system is shifted to the right hand side, with the violet stars finding new places as well. The yellow star is shifted more to the center with the tail of the system looking as if it’s pulled towards it.

Now, these are all well and good, but these images only represent half of the battle that I’ve been having. Enter the lettering. The next image seems to have the best reaction so far.

Pseudo Title

Good feelings went into this one. I was a bit light with the cloning tool leaving more empty space on the page, and the lettering looks crisp, but why only make only one title page?

Title Page (Final)

This one is Title 4.0 with the lettering added. I also added in the subtitle underneath the main title for a little more wording to actually be present. It may sound strange, but the page felt a little empty without the extra lettering. Below is the latest version using Title 4.1.

Title Page 4.1

As you can see, there’s a lot more flair happening with the stars in this one, but the balance of wording and large objects draws the eyes a little differently than 4.0. Also, the star that looked like it was hitching a ride on the subtitle gets a little space of its own.

Now, stars are all well and good, but you’re probably wonder why I’d dedicate a post to creating fields of stars and slapping some lettering over them. Well, let’s just say that a comic is coming, and this is just the beginning. Click the “A Comic I Write” link in the sidebar for more details!