Comics or A New Beginning

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated anything on USE Recon. The last update I did fill you in on, I announced that the comic is on hold. I’d like to revise that statement by saying I am restarting the project. Part of restarting the project includes shutting down … Continue reading

Updates and Things

It’s a been a little bit since I’ve posted anything, so I think it’s definitely time to update you all on what’s been happening. The Comic I’m sure some of you have noticed that the comic hasn’t been updated in a while. It is with sadness that I have to … Continue reading

Oh Ships!

Star date something, something, Fall of 2014.

Hey, everyone! Chris here bringing you some more of the small and large details that will be coming in the future of USE Recon. While I’ve been thinking about balloon and caption placement, Madeline has been working hard on the look that we want to capture with the crews and ships of our space exploration comic. It’s hard to think space exploration without spaceships, but our focus isn’t on lumbering star ships like the Star Destroyer or the sleek looking Normandy or even the iconic USS Enterprise. We want to be quick and nimble with our recon pilots so Madeline and I are thinking on the small and not always nimble side. Enter in ship number one: The Tug

TugWith it’s heart valve shaped openings the tug isn’t a spacecraft you’d think Madeline and I would be talking about, but when you have to think of a whole lot of ships, you get some like our little tug here. It can’t be all guns and glory in space. Someone has to do work. This little but, in comic reality, quite large, guy can be found pushing around massive carriers, rescuing pilots and crew, and retrieving various space junk. While the tug is nice, it certainly isn’t what the recon pilots want to be caught dead flying. This brings us to the following two space craft that we’ve dreamed up.

Test Craft 1This craft hasn’t been named yet and as such is being referred to Test Craft 1. During the process of sketching, I threw a lot of crazy designs at Madeline that I’ve seen on all kinds of aircraft and spacecraft. This design came from wanting some delta wings. The way the slope back reminds me of a manta ray. Madeline and I really like this one, but there are going to be far more when we’re through.

Test Craft 2

This design, also unnamed, is Test Craft 2. This one makes me think of muscle cars and pickups. The pilots of this test craft probably get together for a musical number of Greased Lightning and keep a comb in their back pocket. When there’s a little show boating to be done, it’s gonna be done in one of these.

It may seem like we have our head in the stars, but that’s a good thing for you. Ideas and images are coming together. Remember to stay tuned here at Infinity Geek and follow USE Recon on our facebook page too!

You gotta have ’em before you can lose ’em.

It probably seems like it’s been a little while since Madeline and I have posted and talked about the comic. It has been, but don’t worry. More comic is coming your way. It’s all about the matter of scale, and how that plays out for the art. To make this … Continue reading

Is that Agh with an “A?”

I finally stopped being lazy set some time aside to practice some lettering as I’ll have my hands full with it as I continue to churn out my ideas onto paper for the comic. Tonight went surprisingly well, so I probably need to dive into a bigger challenge. For a … Continue reading

Sketch for U.S.E. Recon

The past couple of weekends have had me ready to pull what hair I have out of my head as coding for all of Infinity Geek seemed to go up in flames. The best part is that my laptop didn’t catch on fire and I was able to accomplish a few of the goals for the comic, the first of which was to actually move U.S.E Recon over here to Infinity Geek. As much as I loved the idea of having a totally separate site to run, Madeline and I saw the ease of already having a site that exists to post from.

Part of that move required us to say farewell to the short life of the free wordpress we were using before along with the scant amount of posts that were there. Now we get to host on this snazzy site which is being hosted by a friend willing to help us get a start (thanks Nyles!). With the site not malfunctioning due to my experimenting it’s time for a some artwork!

U.S.E SketchThis may look a tad familiar to those who saw it on our wordpress, but it deserves a brand new spot here at Infinity Geek. Madeline shot this sketch my way saying she wasn’t sure about it. Well, I’m the last person judge on drawing. There is a reason I’m writing the comic. Anyway, this is just a rough, but it has me excited to see what Madeline is going to cook up in regards to the other characters we’re hoping to see in the first arc of the comic.

If you haven’t seen it yet and are a little curious follow this link to get to the first page of U.S.E. Recon or just click the link on the sidebar! Until next time internet!

Comic Progress or Shooting for the Stars?

Good and bad news in terms of progress for the comic I will be writing, U.S.E. Recon. Figured out a problem with the look of the star fields I’ve been making. Of course, the change is miniscule in some aspects. Along the lines of arranging the layers of stars from black to slightly darker black. You can have that line. It wasn’t mine anyway.

Initially, my feelings were good with the set of stars below, but they didn’t feel good enough after I got some critiques. As cool as I think they look, the stars don’t look as natural as they can be. Oops.

Title 3.0

The only thing to do is move on, right? Bring on Title 4.0. It highlights my paying attention to how stars work. Sort of. Lots of auras in this one around those super bright stars. It’s my newest challenge after altering the images because I didn’t feel the black of space was black enough. The down side to creating the darker background was that the auras popped more, creating coloration in the vicinity of the stars.

Title 4.0

This one felt a lot better than Title 3.0, with the spiral galaxies looking solid, especially with the super bright center of the top left system. Thank god there are still people to critique me though, because 4.0 didn’t remain this way forever. Sort of fitting for stars. Bring on 4.1!

Title 4.14.1 is a nice reminder that things can be easily changed, like whole star systems. Don’t you wish you had this kind of power? I know I do. So, the bottom system is shifted to the right hand side, with the violet stars finding new places as well. The yellow star is shifted more to the center with the tail of the system looking as if it’s pulled towards it.

Now, these are all well and good, but these images only represent half of the battle that I’ve been having. Enter the lettering. The next image seems to have the best reaction so far.

Pseudo Title

Good feelings went into this one. I was a bit light with the cloning tool leaving more empty space on the page, and the lettering looks crisp, but why only make only one title page?

Title Page (Final)

This one is Title 4.0 with the lettering added. I also added in the subtitle underneath the main title for a little more wording to actually be present. It may sound strange, but the page felt a little empty without the extra lettering. Below is the latest version using Title 4.1.

Title Page 4.1

As you can see, there’s a lot more flair happening with the stars in this one, but the balance of wording and large objects draws the eyes a little differently than 4.0. Also, the star that looked like it was hitching a ride on the subtitle gets a little space of its own.

Now, stars are all well and good, but you’re probably wonder why I’d dedicate a post to creating fields of stars and slapping some lettering over them. Well, let’s just say that a comic is coming, and this is just the beginning. Click the “A Comic I Write” link in the sidebar for more details!