Comics or A New Beginning

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated anything on USE Recon. The last update I did fill you in on, I announced that the comic is on hold. I’d like to revise that statement by saying I am restarting the project. Part of restarting the project includes shutting down … Continue reading

Updates and Things

It’s a been a little bit since I’ve posted anything, so I think it’s definitely time to update you all on what’s been happening. The Comic I’m sure some of you have noticed that the comic hasn’t been updated in a while. It is with sadness that I have to … Continue reading

Nano Thinking

There are days when people, and I do include myself, have urge to look back. At times it may seem like the cliché, yet truthful, see-how-far-you’ve-come feeling. The feeling currently sitting at the front of my frown-lined forehead just wants to reminisce. There was once Emo Chris, as my girlfriend … Continue reading

You gotta have ’em before you can lose ’em.

It probably seems like it’s been a little while since Madeline and I have posted and talked about the comic. It has been, but don’t worry. More comic is coming your way. It’s all about the matter of scale, and how that plays out for the art. To make this … Continue reading

Is that Agh with an “A?”

I finally stopped being lazy set some time aside to practice some lettering as I’ll have my hands full with it as I continue to churn out my ideas onto paper for the comic. Tonight went surprisingly well, so I probably need to dive into a bigger challenge. For a … Continue reading