Microsoft Press Conference E3 2015


Hey, everyone! It’s June 15, and that means it’s time for E3! Starting the show this year, Microsoft didn’t appear to be holding back. After a brief montage of familiar characters and fantasy worlds, 343 Industries’s Bonnie Ross came on stage to introduce none other than Halo 5: Guardians. I’m … Continue reading

Xbox One Backwards Compatible with Xbox 360 Titles

Shortly after E3 kicked off with the Microsoft press conference, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer took to the stage and announced a feature that had many consumers, himself included, wondering if it were possible. Phil officially announced that as of this holiday season, the Xbox One will be backwards compatible with hundreds … Continue reading

Some of my thoughts on Gaming

There are some articles and rumors which my game loving friends like to discuss. Sometimes these discussions are just to push each other’s buttons. One such article was declaring Sony as the supposed winner of the “console war” between themselves, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Not only did the article declare Sony’s … Continue reading