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Destiny 2

By the time you read this, you will no doubt have seen posts across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, your friends, your friend’s friends, your friend’s friend’s friend’s cousin. The Destiny 2 gameplay reveal was amazing! I was not one of the many Destiny community members in attendance. Instead I watched from the comfort of my office chair catching glimpses of the new world we will inhabit come September. Believe me when I say the hype is real.

This small look was enough to stir the hype in all of us who have called Destiny our main game for the past 3 years. The opening cinematic (embedded below) stars the Titan Vanguard, Commander Zavala from his awakening as a guardian until the moment where he stands proudly in the guardians’ longtime home, the Tower.

This trailer along with snippets from the presentation have me excited for something which many guardians have made themselves known for exploring and explaining lore. The story of Destiny has been explained mainly outside of it’s game and knowing characters who we have stood behind and fought for look to be more than a familiar face. We hopefully will see them as they interact in this new world which players will no doubt have to fight and take back from the Cabal invader known as Ghaul.

In the opening gameplay segments, it is obvious Destiny 2 has upped the bar graphically. Enemies have had a makeover and they look fantastically fierce, even more so as the Tower burns around us. It’s best to let the trailer speak for itself.

One of the tent-poles of the presentation hit on the inclusive nature of the community which has been fostered in large part to Destiny’s Twitch community. Bungie is no stranger to its community but seeing the new tools which are being included in Destiny 2 for maintaining groups and helping fellow guardians is outstanding. In fact- This is amazing! Clans will now become more than a separate entity found on Beyond seeing a roster of your clan and it’s corresponding emblems and banners, players can search activities as either a Guide (or a sherpa as many call them) or a Seeker. Bungie is calling this Guided Gaming. Having this built in game makes playing together with new players a great asset to further build the community which games together.


I’ve seen via Twitch and Twitter that consoles are locked in at 30 FPS with the PC’s having unlocked FPS and able to support 4K. Those in attendance were able to play Destiny 2 on PS4 Pro consoles and PC but there has not been any word on how this would run on current gen consoles (Xbox One, PS4).

Destiny 2’s PC outing will be facilitated through Blizzard’s launcher on Battle.Net. This is a smart and great move for Bungie and Activision to grow to a larger audience. It’s hard to get much bigger in the PC scene than getting some help from Blizzard. While it would not be a far leap to speculate the servers for Destiny 2 could be supported by Blizzard, the servers are being maintained by Bungie. Blizzard is being utilized for the launcher not for the game itself.

My Thoughts

There are few points I want to address in this section of this mini article of sorts which I may or may not have touched on above, so here it goes:

Fireteams are shifting to 4v4 which could spell the end for the usual 6’s. Before anyone sheds a tear, this could be a just be a simple shift of that the core competitive multiplayer experience has shifted too. Remember, Bungie is no stranger to 4v4 matchmaking. Most of the Halo franchises multiplayer was based around this and still included larger (Big Team Battle) and smaller (Team Doubles) playlists. I wonder if the shift to 4 person squads could see an increase in the raid team size to 8 people versus the 6 which many Destiny players have become used to.

The story looks to be more personal than what we’ve seen in Destiny. We are denied our light which we have been champions of since the Black Garden through the fall of the Oryx. Seeing Zavala, Ikora, and Cayde in a more threatened position and having to deal with the fall of the Tower and needing to find a way to fight back. Hearing in the presentation there are more cut scenes and story moments is terribly surprising. What I’m hoping for is less of the disjointed story telling and as some screenshots have shown- being able to access lore within the game. Not having to go elsewhere will be great. Now if only the lore can be read out loud by Cayde…

Rumors of being able to cross save between PS4 and PC have yet to be addressed. Seeing the Xbox seemingly left out in the cold on Destiny for what could be another 3 years is troubling as a guardian who’s main console was Xbox, but only time will tell as we get closer to E3, where we will certainly get more info, and upon release. I think it would do Bungie very well to not alienate those who make a choice on the console, but I don’t need to preach to the choir on that topic.

There’s plenty, plenty more which I have not touched on but will be trying to tackle here soon! Please sound off in the comments! Are you hyped? Are you not? What are you excited about? Let’s talk about it!

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